Welcome to Gitschhütte Hut!


What would a beautiful excursion or a thrilling ski-day be without a stop in a cozy hut? You’re right, not much. Dumplings, krapfen (Tyrolean doughnuts and spareribs are a must.

Our homey Gitschhütte Hut is situated about 15 walking-minutes from Summit Station Gitschberg. The hut can easily be reached by families as well. Expert mountaineers often stop here, too, and reward themselves with some typical meals from South Tyrol. Here everyone feels at home, here everyone can enjoy a delicious meal.

Sitting on our terrace our guests can enjoy a far-reaching panoramic view of South Tyrol’s mountains and of the affectionately cultivated man-made-landscape. Everything seems to be so close at hands here!

Gitschhütte       Gitschhütte       Gitschhütte

Gitschhütte       Gitschhütte       Gitschhütte

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