In it with all of our South Tyrolean hearts

The GITSCHberg and the GITSCHhütte ...

...take their name from the many strong and capable “Gitschn”, which, in the South Tyrolean dialect means young women, in other words “the mountain of the strong young women”.
So, GITSCHN, take your men and children, weave your way down the slopes, have fun, and enjoy exciting times at the GITSCHhütte!

Kick back, open your eyes wide and breathe in!

The GITSCHhütte is also our second home and for this very reason it is important to us that you feel good here. 

Enjoy the delicious Pustertal and Eisacktal Valley specialities, South Tyrolean atmosphere and expansive all-around view of the South Tyrolean mountains and summits of the Dolomites. On the specially erected panoramic map boards you’ll discover the names and much more about the surrounding mountains.

Gaze at the South Tyrolean summits and the Dolomites! The mountains of South Tyrol are at your feet!


The vista from our sunny panoramic terrace of the Dolomites, Rieserferner Group and the Sarntal, Stubai and Zillertal Alps is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Enjoy the sunshine in spring, marvel at the alpen rose blossoms in summer, breathe in the clear mountain air in autumn and weave your way down the well-groomed ski slopes with their guaranteed snow in winter!

GITSCHberg - you’ll find the most capable South Tyroleans here!