At home on the mountain

Our Gitschhütte in the skiing and hiking resort of Gitschberg Jochtal

Looking down from 2210 m Enjoy the view from 2210 m

Here at the GITSCHhütte - in the alpine and skiing resort of Gitschberg Jochtal - we welcome you with a traditional handshake 

We are situated at the foot of the Gitschberg mountain, the landmark mountain of the South Tyrolean plateau in Meransen.
You’ll come as a visitor and leave as a friend!

Traditional South Tyrolean dishes, the way we honour our customs and, of course, a summit schnapps and apple strudel are all part of a hearty refreshment stop - it’s the way it has always been here!

This is where everyone gets together 
Mountain lovers, summiteers and expert skiers of all kinds - and you’ll see how hut friendships come about all by themselves.

See you soon and “onwards and upwards”!
The Hutkeeper - Meinrad Unterkircher

The good old days History of the hut


In those days a simple wooden hut stood at the foot of the Gitschberg, which opened to customers for the first time on 17 January 1971. At that time ski tourism was just beginning in the Gitschberg Jochtal resort and two lifts, the “Gitsch” Lift and the “Sergerwiesen” Lift transported visitors onto the Gitschberg. A word from the tenant back then, Peter Oberhammer: “Some days, 10-15 guests came and on lots of days we had no visitors at all. It was a really hard time, but we didn’t give up and believed in the development of tourism and our lovely Meransen plateau and the Gitschberg ski resort. We cooked on a simple gas stove, since at that time there was no question of electricity or running water. We provided refreshments for the skiers with simple dishes such as sandwiches or a cooked sausage.

Around 1975

As, from time to time, more skiers came and the 1980s saw a strong upturn in visitors, the hut was extended a little. Lots of groups of young people now came to Meransen. “They would drink an orange juice or two,” reports the tenant of the time.
A few years later the cable car was built and so the Gitschhütte was equipped with a small kitchen and supplied with running water and electricity. The guests were fed on South Tyrolean specialities such as goulash soup, jam dumplings, spaghetti and lasagne.
“But we still washed up by hand,” remembers the landlady in those days, Paula.

In the 1990s the hut had a few different tenants until at the end of June 2006 Meinrad discovered the hut for himself and - full of enthusiasm - took it over.

In June 2012 the Gitschhütte burned completely to the ground. It was then rebuilt and was ceremonially opened in time for the start of the winter season on 22 December 2012.

Where there’s a will there's a way How to find us!

From Meransen the GITSCHhütte can be reached via several hiking trails or you can travel in comfort with the Gitschberg cable car to the mountain station and from there walk along the pushchair-friendly forest track or the specially created adventure trail in just 15 minutes. Our hut is situated in an excellent location and is the ideal destination for families, mountain-lovers and fans of alpine meadows as well as the perfect starting point for challenging mountain hikes for summiteers of all levels of ability, as well as for mountain runners.

A summit only belongs to you when you have got back down again - before this you belong to it!

Hans Kammerlander